Love yourself.
Love every single bit of yourself.
Love the good and the bad and everything in between.
Love yourself as much as you love others so naturally and freely.
Love yourself despite the rejection from those around you.
Love yourself when you are feeling at your absolute lowest and unworthy.
Love yourself when you are scared and afraid of the unknown.
Love yourself when you make mistakes and question your decisions.
Love yourself when you feel like the only person in the world going through something.
Love your smile and love your tears.
Love your successes and love your fears.
Love yourself when you doubt that nobody else can.
Love yourself knowing that everything in life has a purpose for you.
Love yourself knowing that how you treat yourself sets the precedence for how others will treat you.
Love yourself so much that your essence only allows those that feel your soul to enter your life.
Love yourself enough to know what you are worth.
Love yourself because you deserve to feel at peace. Because you deserve to feel complete and whole and the only person that can do that for you is you.
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