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Hello loves! My name is Nicole or as my family and friends like to call me, Nico. Like many other women I have connected with, I struggled to find my true voice and embrace the parts of me that made me who I was. As a woman’s empowerment coach and motivational speaker, I share my stories to give others the permission to share theirs.

Going through my own personal journey of discovering my empowered and unguarded soul, I created a sacred space and community for other women to fall in love with themselves, recognize their strength and live from their heart. I am here to be a supportive sister and mentor as you find your own way and I hope you will let me be your guide.



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  • Inspire people. Share the parts of yourself that are raw, deep and vulnerable so that they know ALL of it is allowed. Push past your fears and share your stories because it gives others the courage to share theirs. Take your passion, find your purpose and make a difference in this world because I believe it's truly what can make it a better place ❤
  • This is your Sunday reminder that you can do anything this week throws your way. As you fall asleep tonight, remember that you did the best you could today and that tomorrow is a new chance, new opportunity and new experience. Have a great start to your week!
  • To be free. To fully be yourself. To be present and able to express who you are with other beautiful women. To dance without any structure but allowing your body to go on a musical journey that is unique to itself. This is EMBODY and this is the dance class I finally got to teach today to these amazing ladies. It is vibrant, it is sweaty, but most of all it is FUN!!!!! Be on the lookout for my next class in December! #embodydanceclass
  • You might think you need others to give you recognition of the beautiful, amazing things you do but you don’t. You know you who are. You know the beautiful things you do. You can give yourself the love you need ☀️☀️☀️
  • 🙏🏼🙌🏼✌🏼🎤 #truth #namaste #meditate #lovemesomehiphop
  • Happy Friday!!! Hope you all give yourself the space to have a little fun this weekend 😘

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