Nicole Xiques is my role model! I have watched her not only become one of the most empowered people I know, but also create a space for others to do the same for themselves. Her journey has inspired me to make positive changes in my life and live in a space with self-love and compassion. I look forward to Nicole’s monthly empower hours not only because I get to see her in action, but also because I get to be surrounded by other women – like me – looking to step into our power and make a difference in the world by using the weapon of self-love.

Julie R.

I have only known Nicole for a very short time, but in that limited amount of time, she has greatly impacted my life.  I find her to be most inspirational, motivating, and compassionate.  She has inspired me to find the courage  to move forward with my own dreams and aspirations.  In working with her as a mentor, friend and colleague, I am grateful she has come into my life.  I don’t believe in chance so I believe it was meant to be.  I look forward to creating more opportunities for other women to grow, learn and evolve with Nicole by my side.

Lori N.

If you are looking to take your personal growth to the next level, Nicole is the person you want by your side. With her zest for life, contagious positive energy, wise words, and open heart, she is an incredible person, coach, and friend!

Katie I.

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